What Does Special Education Singapore Mean?

What Does Special Education Singapore Mean?

Special education in Singapore is designed to cater to children with special needs. The objective is to support inclusionary education plus therapeutic interventions for these children. A child is taken care of to the point where he/she would be provided with shadow support specialists in the classroom and there are also provisions for home-based tutoring as well as therapy services.  Several other things have been included in keeping these children in mind like case management for children with experts, and regular training sessions for parents as well as professionals.


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The primary objective is to train children with special needs in a way where they are not uncomfortable in regular school environments. And that is done by getting them equipped with the necessary skill set, which helps them feel more confident, so they are not awkward in traditional classroom atmospheres.


Based on a child’s individual needs and capabilities, children with special needs may go to a traditional school or a special education school, so a traditional school has a more systematic educational program but they are very attentive to the needs of these children nonetheless. On the other hand, a special education school is specifically planned to look after the needs of these children.

Things you need to know

  • It is mandatory for all Singaporean children, from the age of 6-15 to go to a national primary school, even if they are disabled.
  • Vocational education presented to them by SPED Schools is very helpful in terms of it helps them gain financial stability as they pass out, by training them in a way where they are self-sufficient enough to get employed.

As parents, you must ensure that your child has a promising future ahead, therefore you would also have to be more attentive to your child’s needs. Parents need to be well aware of their child’s strengths, and weaknesses, so that they can lend the right kind of support.

Also, you might have doubts about whether you are making the right decision or not, especially when you know that the child might need some special assistance. In a situation like that, you must not be frivolous with your choices, and therefore, special education singapore could be an answer to all your questions for it’s outlined in a way that makes sure that your child receives the best training.