The Pros And Cons Of Working At Chatsworth School Singapore And More


Considerably Less Pressure

When it comes to tight curricular standards, chatsworth school singapore is often not at the mercy of local governments. This fact implies that they may build a manageable curriculum that proactively nourishes and develops pupils.

As a result, you’ll be ‘galloping’ less in class and will have more time to explore topics of interest. Of course, this is based on the institution and the students’ ages. As students at the international school get closer to earning their IB diploma, they have a lot of work to complete, and the pressure is on.

A Plethora Of Opportunities

Compared to public schools, international schools have a substantially greater turnover rate. Many teachers come from afar to finish their two-year contracts and return home.

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A New Cultural Experience

When you live in a foreign country, even getting home from work is an adventure. You can have a beer and watch the world go by in a local market, or have a conversation with local produce vendors about their unique fruits and vegetables. You can leave the house late at night to meet up with new friends and coworkers in exciting new bars and clubs. Attending local clubs and activities can introduce you to people you would never meet otherwise. You may increase your language skills while also improving your chess skills.


Different Lifestyles 

Some parts of the world can be oppressive, particularly for women and members of the LBTQ+ group. Teachers may be forced to reside in barracks or a walled community with few options for escape because it is either too hazardous or not permitted. It can be impossible to leave the house in some cities, such as Beijing or New Delhi, due to air pollution. As a result, the monetary compensation in these places might be rather significant.

No Pension Schemes

Pension plans are not available at chatsworth school singapore. This fact implies that you must figure out how to save and plan for retirement. Alternatively, keep buying lottery tickets. In most nations, you will be contributing to the national pension program. Many countries also have options for continuing to contribute to their pension plans from afar.

Job Security

Smaller foreign schools lack the financial stability of state schools because they rely on parental fees. This instability is especially prevalent during economic downturns or emergencies like the COVID19 crisis. So, this means that your agreement could be quickly canceled to protect the jobs of more experienced employees. These approaches are less likely to affect existing schools. It’s just another reason to research the school to which you’re applying. Is the school a ‘Non-profit’ or a ‘For Profit’ one? Non-profit colleges are often better at delivering job security and reinvesting earnings in employee training.