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The dangers to be foreseen can obviously consist of adverse weather situations or errors or carelessness committed by other drivers, cyclists or pedestrians. But the dangers do not come only from “others”, because sometimes they arise precisely from the moods of the driver himself: haste, emotion, traffic stress are situations that can lead to dangerous choices and behaviors. Thus the Socratic motto “Know thyself” completes our entire educational offer on prevention, which is recognized in the formula of the right Mental Balance defensive driving course GA.

In fact, our goal is not so much to create good drivers capable of dealing with dangers, as to prevent them.

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To deepen the needs of preventive driving, they has developed its own specific program, based on more than thirty years of experience in safe driving: the “Defensive Driving” course.

The ability to prevent also requires a series of technical skills, in addition to knowledge of the dangers and pitfalls of the road: this implies specific practical training that convinces the driver about the dangers of speed by making him experience different speeds; that it helps him to measure the stopping distances also visually; that allows him to test and understand the different grip conditions and responses of the vehicle; that makes him face sudden obstacles to discover the difficulty of avoiding them, if the right preventive attitude on speed has not been adopted. The willingness to adopt positive defensive driving (prevent) thus arises from an experience where the difficulties of negative defensive driving (cure) are discovered in the face of obstacles:

Those who want to make progress rely on a teacher or coach who hones their skills. We do it for driving and safety.

Those who want to make progress rely on a teacher or coach who hones their skills. We do it for driving and safety. Our thirty years of experience in the field of safe driving is made available to the driver to improve his ability to assess potential risks and adapt his behavior. The instructor focuses attention on the results of the driver’s actions in traffic and suggests methods, techniques and strategies to make the most of his personal resources, finalizing the result to an increase in driving safety levels.

In traffic, safety is first and foremost the prevention of risky situations: adequate training for the driver is thus achieved through individual coaching that develops the correct driving attitude ranging from awareness of social responsibility and the dangers on the road, to achieving the right ” mental balance ”made up of knowledge and awareness.