Everything You Wanted to Know About Education Consultant Malaysia

Everything You Wanted to Know About Education Consultant Malaysia

Education Counselling plays a key role in Giving the Right Direction and honing the overall skills of students, Actively assisting students in choice programs and careers that have the potential to suit today’s career market conditions that have produced over 100 graduates of various fields and collaborating with several public or private institutions of higher learning like Cambridge, Oxford, LSE. Successfully produced entrepreneurs in various fields and helped graduates achieve their ambitions and dreams.

As an education consultant in malaysia is acting as an advisor to several institutions of higher education to develop future Education programs.

Education Consultants & Programme Advisors 

Our team is committed to guiding, advising, and guidance on sustainable programs in institutions of higher learning and having a very wide career path. The education consultant malaysia is always determined to guide the best graduates depending on Malaysia’s current career market conditions. 

education consultant malaysia

Motivational Talk & Career Guidance 

A team with years of experience in running programs involving human capital development talks and career selection guidance throughout the districts of Malaysia. We recognize that the selection of career areas is very important for graduates. Therefore, we are always ready to provide motivational services and talks to help students and parents decide on selecting future study and entrepreneurship programs.

Business Development Career 

Vast experience in marketing guidance, advisory services, and guidance to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. To be an invited speaker to government agencies, companies, and NGOs to increase knowledge in entrepreneurship and business.

Event Management 

We have a strong team and are joined by local artists, experienced speakers, actors, and speakers to carry out event management activities in each district, including business development, entrepreneurship, Education exhibitions, competitions, and motivational talks. We can help entrepreneurs, traders, training providers, colleges, and institutions of higher learning to showcase their business activities. 

Travel Agency 

These agencies also offer a Study while Traveling abroad program involving students of institutions of higher learning in Malaysia. The program provides a valuable experience and learning to students majoring in tourism and business at selected institutions. The countries that the programmer will visit are Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore. Study visits abroad is a program specially designed to enhance participants’ knowledge about the tourism industry in Malaysia and the world. 

Skills Training 

Training and skills of various fields are a priority for the community to get employment opportunities, improve the economy or increase knowledge in a particular field. Training and skills are part of our expertise in mentoring and guiding participants to achieve outstanding missions with very clear visions. Our integrity and expertise are web application development training, video, photography, graphic designers, animal husbandry, agriculture, hand skills, civil engineering, and marketing skills.