The Top 7 Reasons Why Students Fail

The Top 7 Reasons Why Students Fail

The first 12 years of education are crucial to a child’s development particularly the stage in high school wherein they need to build an effective learning habit, strengthen their institutional knowledge, and develop skills which are all necessities in getting admitted to their preferred colleges.Saying this is easier than getting done, especially to students who struggle so much in their academics. Hence, some of them fail.

Reasons Why Students Fail

Students never choose to fail deliberately in academics unless there are factors that either push them to do so or entraps them. Below are the following internalfactors why students fail in academics or even perform low.

Lack of Preparation

To be able to perform at optimum, students must plan their day using blocking techniques. In this way, their goals will be clearer and reachable. Remember, preparation perfects execution.

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Inabilityto Focus

People, in general, have a minimum attention span of 8 seconds, which is shorter than a goldfish, while the maximum is 20 minutes. So, the teaching must be maintained interactive and engaging for the teachers. For the students, especially during self-study, the Pomodoro technique must be used to help them in calibrating their focus.

Poor Time Management

Time management plays an important role in getting good grades in every subject. It will aid the students to balance their study time and “me” time to encourage overall health.

No Driving Force

Motivation is the primary driving force for most people. But this force is hard to reckon with and even maintained for one reason—it dissipates easily. The only thing a student must develop is discipline because this habit will remain in them for a longer period.

Negative Mindset

Most students embrace a negative mindset, and this happens because their minds are still in the process of adjusting. Hormonal change, particularly the production of stress hormones, is one of the reasons that affect a teenager’s school performance. Some of them have trouble understanding themselveswhich is why they enter into a rebellious stage both at home and at school.

Improper Self-Evaluation

The reasons why some students fail are when they overestimate or underestimate their skills. Some chose to procrastinate which subtly masquerades the sense of perfectionism and others do not put effort because they are always favored by last-minute work.

Lack of Critical Thinking Ability

During high school, critical thinking is highly encouragedwhich is why students are overwhelmed with loads of paper works. Those who can’t handle this will choose distractions over preparation. Hence, failure became an option.

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